Globe Telecom, Intervoice, The Institute for Geonomic Research and IBM System and Technology Group all trust Sybase for their data infrastructure.
[Video Transcript]

Globe Telecom is one of the leading telecommunications providers in the Philippines. We have more that 30 million subscribers. One of the applications where we are using Sybase ASE is our auto max product. This is the over the air loading of product of Globe where we have about 700,000 retailers, scattered all over the country, servicing those 30 million subscribers. The systems that we are deploying to our service providers typically have hundreds of thousands to millions of subscribers that are actually using the system on a regular basis. In some cases, we have 500,000 to a million calls a day that are coming into our system. Each one of those callers has multiple kinds of entries of their choosing that they are executing the system, and they are all generate data. Sybase has been a strong partner with us providing super support and great technology in their products. The things that we are doing would be absolutely impossible without computers. We have invented something called whole genome shotgun sequencing. Basically what you do is you take the bacteria, slice it up into tiny little pieces and then you figure out the sequence of each of those. Then you have to throw it all into a database and then have something called an assembler pull all the data out and put it back into its continuous hold, so its like assembling a jig saw puzzle. Sybase has been present since the creation of TIGER. Back when TIGER was created in l992, we were looking for a database that was high performance, yet requiring low maintenance, because at the time we didnt have an IT group at TIGER, it was all scientists. Our scientists are extremely demanding and they want this done very quickly. The cool thing is that they think that what we are doing is black magic, when in fact we are giving them the power that they need to do their jobs. I think together we bring a whole unseen level of performance, capability and reliability, combined with very professional teams working together. I think the combination of these things truly bring great value to our clients.

(Credit goes to SysbaseInc of Youtube)

Melai Geronimo